Our vetted and credentialed team is known for expertise & efficiency.


Full, Wet & Dry Trim

Our crew is well versed in delivering top quality results with full, wet and dry trim and are experts in quick turn-around. We hand pick team members who specialize in versatile techniques and are capable of adapting to a variety of different post harvest systems.

For those looking to get into cannabis and hemp at the ground level, this is the perfect job opportunity!

Shucking & Quality Control

Let Trim Crew handle the liability of labor for your product – our crew is skilled and credentialed and works to deliver seamless results whether you have an in-house team and just need hand or simply don’t want the hassle of a keeping maintenance / management staff.

Packaging & Gramming

We provide accurate and fast measurements. Get it to market faster with our professional packaging and gramming services. Our multi-talented crew members are experienced in a variety of kinds of packaging and weighing and work towards accuracy and efficiency.


Our budtender crew members are credentialed and vetted members of the cannabis industry – many also work on the trim, packaging and management side and are well rounded staff. Whether you’re looking to fill a spot with a top-notch temp, or looking to contract-to-hire to find the best fit for your team, we work with the best.

Many of our budtenders are METRC trained and have experience in biotracking and plant/strain genetics. Starting on our team is a great way to advance your career in cannabis!


If you’re looking to buy or sell any of your product or looking for products, give us a shout!

Email or call 720-338-6375 for more info.

Grow Consulting

Consult with our trained team of grow experts in order to improve your turn-around. Our staff is skilled in feed and nutrient analysis schedules as well as pruning and cloning services, cycling and grow design.

Whether your grow needs advice, a few extra hands to water, or expert level consultation to take your harvest to the next level, contact Trim Crew!


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